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Embracing my inner Emma Stone 

After seeing La la la land, which is an amazing film! I was really inspired to go ahead an colour my hair and become a redhead. This wasn’t a spare of the moment choice, I had been thinking about the colour change for a while but I just didn’t have the guts to do it. But I have never been happier with a hair colour and I did it all in the comfort of my own home with the Live intense colour MANGO.

Having ombre hair before added a whole new level to my new hair which is amazing, it lightened up my brown hair and then really took to the blonde ends which still left me with a more subtly ombre look. This picture does not do the colour justice in proper daylight the colour is so vibrant and I am loving life with my new look.

I am expecting this to be a colour that will be fade but I really love it and it’s brought out a little bit more confidence in my personality to push out of my comfort zone and go for things in life, if you don’t try you don’t know right?

With the wedding this year I am still undecided on what hair colour I want to have on my big day but currently being a redhead is suiting me.

What do you think to the new look?