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I wanted to dedicate a post to my Mum.I wanted to write a post about the most important, inspirational person in my life – my Mum. Ever since my teenage years mine and my mum’s relationship grew more than the mother daughter bond into her becoming my best friend.

A lot happened last year in regards to my health and she was there for me no matter what, no matter how old I become my mum is still around. She has given me practical and emotional support throughout my life and I would be totally lost without her.

We have the best days out whether its to the seaside for the day or even a meet up in town to have a girly shopping day. She always brightens up my life on the darkest of days, she is brave, kind and always thinks of others first.

Going onto getting married this year, my mum and my dad have been my rock my entire life and I admire them so much as they are still together after many years of marriage. My mum has been my role model and what an amazing one and I hope that one day when I decide to have children that I can be just as an amazing mum as mine has been to me.

If you are reading this and your mum is as great as mine, tell her. Let her know your appreciation all year round.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!