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Wedding planning can be stressful but I embraced it, I like organising events so I was quite happy to plan our special day.

Not everyone plans their now wedding and will have a Wedding planner involved, which is totally fine it eases the stress of finding suppliers and they normally have a good list of contacts to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately our budget didn’t stretch for a professional wedding planer as they are quite pricey,

So what are the essentials of planning a Wedding?

I can not stress enough about setting a budget, it’s so easy to spend spend spend on your day without realisation. We went to lots of wedding fairs, venues and looked online at photographers to see what was avaliable.  We decided the venue and photographer was the most important part of our day so they have taken up a big part of our budget but we are so excited about where we chose and our photographer is just amazing. I have seen bad wedding photos in the past and that would break my heart, I want them to get the natural shots to remember our special  day forever without a regret.

The first thing we did was decide on a wedding date, which was really easy as we both wanted an Autumn wedding and we knew what we wanted from a venue so when we saw Grendon lakes we instantly fell in love with the surroundings and rustic charm and as we booked the venue 18 months in advance we could get the date we wanted without any problem.

Once we booked the venue we started talking about wedding guests, having quite a big family on both side we had to cut down a little to accommodate costs as food and drinks for your guests is pricey.  We decided on our lists and sent out our save the dates which I made myself to save us some money but you can get them made for you but again some of the prices are insane.

When it comes to it there will probably be a long list of things you want for your wedding day but involved your other half and talk about the most important aspects you want from the day and after all you wan to enjoy your day!