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Heres to a fresh start, not exactly a new beginning but a new base to let my life flourish. It’s not always easy letting go of things and it can be quite hard at times. I’ve always held onto past and never truly embraced what the future has to offer. Looking at the bigger picture, I know look at how I can embrace life.

As much as I want to let go of certain aspects of my life I still think it is important to keep in mind some are worth holding onto. So here are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to this.


Let go of mistakes and failure, they fill you with guilt and fear which stops you from moving on in life. We sometimes have to make these to build on and learn from them.


Let go of people. We have to consider the depth of how complicated us humans can be. There are times when you know certain people aren’t bringing an joy in your life and its only you who can decide who’s really there for you. At the same time we need to appreciate all the good friends we gain in life and brighten there say up now and then. Let’s face it they are WORTH it.


Let go of trying to be such a perfectionist, try and access the other ways you can achieve your goals and embrace what could be a much better idea.


Let go of being happy. We all have different things that make us happy. It’s important to remember on a bad day, or when life gets tough and your brain is clouding over, you need to remind yourself like any rain shower it will pass just sometimes it takes more time than you realised.


Let go of jealousy. Getting jealous of other girls for their looks, other blogs. If we were all the same the world would be a boring place. We should embrace our individuality and they way that is shown through our own little creative outlets which we call our ‘blogs” it’s a wonderful place on the internet.


Let go of your dreams. Sometimes we have unrealistic dreams but the thought is still nice and it has a purpose to us individually. Dreaming helps us in life, you don’t always know hoe you are going to get there but it’s placing a starting directing in your mind while calculating different paths to get there. Plus there are no rules to say you are limited to the amount of dreams you can have.

Letting go is easy but with a new name and an amazing Fiance I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us both. Let’s embrace it, not fear it.

  • marclamberts

    I’m so proud of you for writing this. You speak so much truth and you are so right. Letting go can be seen in different light and I guess we often forget that. REmember that I’m your friend, always and you are doing so well in life. So proud of you!

    Marc |

  • The Sunday Mode

    i’ll admit, sometimes I have a lot of trouble letting go, especially when it comes to forgiving someone that’s hurt me in some way. I do think it’s really important to let go of any perceived ‘mistakes’ though, dwelling on that kind of stuff is so so draining.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode