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Here are some thoughts and tips for the busy blogger.

Being a blogger myself there is the importance to write, note down an idea when that lightning bolt of inspiration hits you from out of nowhere. It’s very rare that we are near our laptops/computers to sit down and write out a post there and then so here is a few things that help me out.


My blog is hosted by the WordPress platform so having the WordPress app is such an handy tool to have as you can add a new post and even write all of your post via your phone if you really wanted to. I don’t often do this but I do give a title to a new post and note down any words/phrases/photo ideas I have for the post an save this as a draft to come back to later on.

We all have Twitter/Instagram apps to stay in touch with our readers and other bloggers. I find Buffer a super useful tool to have on your phone, as it allows you to schedule tweets in advance and it’s great to get your new posts advertised when your busy with life. I also love VSCO cam to edit any shots I take on my phone, alongside my blog photos to add the Aesthetic Ave feel to it. I know Instagram themes are not for everyone but I just have a thing about my blog having a nice Aesthetic feel to it.

Explore outside your front door

Don’t be afraid to go for a walk and to take photos along your way. We all love seeing your snapchats and Instagram story posts, this is something I want to do more of. It’s nice to see bloggers on the go, to see a sense of what there life is like. This really allows the reader to see the bloggers personality flourish.

You don’t need to be combined to a desk to be an amazing blogger, have fun with it and experience something new.

Have you got any tips for blogging on the go?