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A typical Sunday would be a lazy day in with Ross when we get the chance.

I like to try and have a lie in, I say try because it rarely happens I’m still up and the crack of dawn as hard as I try! I’m sure I’m not the only one here who pretty much grabs there phone first thing, yes I’m one of those people I would feel lost without my phone. I like to catch up on all the social media platform and make myself a Coffee. So it’s nearly But First Coffee in this situation.

I’ll spend some time scheduling tweets for the upcoming week and ensuring all the boring things are done which come with adulthood such as chores, they really are a bore.

After doing this I feel like I can commit to being lazy for the rest of the day, yay!

I always try and make time to have a nice relaxing bath without the thought of rushing and using all the nice bath bombs people buy me ah Lush.

After that I tend to yes I have no shame in saying getting into fresh PJ’S haha, followed by watching Netflix with Ross which regularly consist of binge watching at least a seasons worth of TV.

As I’m aware Sunday is my day off but sometimes I am just in the mood to blog. Whether this is writing down ideas or thinking of photos I need to take. Sunday’s are normally the best night to get involved in Twitter chats also, I think it’s important to get involved and it’s lovely getting to know other bloggers out there.

Sundays normally fly by so I try and go to bed a reasonable hour ready for Monday and then I’m ready to start a new week!

  • Your blog and photos are beautiful! I loved learning about your Sunday 😀 Sundays are like Mondays for me as my partner is back at work haha, Thursdays are our Fridays! I do love Sundays though, as that means twitter chatting with my lil community, the Romantic Gal Society xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)