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Popcorn has always been a healthier alternative opposed to other snacks on the market which is a big appeal to me.

The lovely Grace from Propercorn kindly sent me a chest of popcorn, including a variety of flavours to try. I have previously tried the Sweet Coconut & Vanilla flavour and I was instantly drawn in. Other factors to consider are they are suitable for Vegans, GM Free, Gluten and Wheat free.

So let’s talk about the different flavours, Starting with your traditional Sweet & Salty and  Lightly Sea salted they were just a lovely twist on the classics and they just tasted define plus the Lightly Sea Salted pack only contains 88 Calories!

Moving onto the more out there flavours I was looking forward to the Smooth Peanut & Almond flavour the most. On opening you get an instant smell of nuttiness and it smelt divine. Tasting this popcorn was a near experience of eating spoonfuls of peanut butter. I didn’t pick up the almond flavour as much but never the less this flavour is still a lovely smooth and creamy flavour for your tastebuds.

Another flavour I was sent was Sour Cream & Black Pepper. This one reminded me more of flavour you would get in a packet of crisps but I was excited to try out this twist using popcorn as it’s base. It’s something different which is always a good thing to see in the food market with many other competitors. I actually really enjoyed this flavour and I liked that is was unique!

Lastly I was intrigued bt the Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato as I am not a lover of spicy food. You get a instant taste of tomato and then you met with the Worcester sauce. After a while you defiantly get the fiery kick, and a taste that lingers. So personally I probably wouldn’t have this flavour again because I can’t handle the heat but if you do like food with a kick then this is defiantly one to try.

I’m POPPING about PROPERCORN and I wonder what new flavours they will come up with in the future.

For all things Propercorn visit their website here.